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It goes without saying that losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult and distressing experience. JNS Financial Ltd works closely with Safe Hands Funeral Plans to provide an effective way by which to minimise the financial and emotional burden on those left behind.

What is a pre-paid funeral plan?

A pre-paid funeral plan is a means by which you can fix the cost of the funeral director’s fees and services, meaning that no matter how long you live there will never be anything further for your family to pay towards them.

In addition to saving your loved ones’ thousands of pounds, potentially, against the cost of a future funeral - a pre-paid funeral plan has the additional benefit of allowing you to dictate the format of the funeral, thus eliminating the uncertainty that can often cause bereaved families additional distress.

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Safe Hands' Sales Consultants are trained to the highest level to help arrange your funeral plan with tact, sensitivity, and empathy, taking great care to ensure that, when the time comes, your loved ones are protected and that you receive your perfect final farewell.

All Safe Hands funeral plans can be tailored to suit particular tastes and preferences... from the big things, like whether or not it's a cremation or burial... to the smaller things, like the choice of music or flowers.

Your Safe Hands funeral plan can also be changed or upgraded at any time, and should you move home, it is transferable to any area within the UK at no extra charge.

Why get a pre-paid funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a means by which people can protect their loved ones against rising funeral costs and help eliminate any uncertainty or indecision regarding what a person’s preferred arrangements should include.

JNS Financial will ensure you get the right plan for your needs and will guide you through the process step by step. 

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