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Caravan Season has Started!

In North Wales, the seasons are changing. Commuters are allowing extra time to travel to and from work and holiday-goers have slowed down their pace of life and started to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful countryside. This means only one thing… Caravan season has started!

There are so many different holiday parks dotted around Snowdonia and the coastline of North Wales that it can be very difficult for campers to know which park, which company or indeed which area to go to for their holidays. However, there is a breed of enthusiasts who don’t just take weekend breaks away in a tent. They have worked hard all their lives and squirreled enough money away, to purchase holiday homes, lodges and static caravans, to spend a large part of their year ‘on holiday’, whiling away their summers in complete relaxation at one of these dedicated holiday parks.

Static caravans and luxury lodges range in price from as little as £10,000, up to £200,000 or more at many of these parks, and owning your little piece of heaven is much like owning a second home. There are many variations of static caravans/lodges for sale, however all offer you the chance at owning a ‘second property’, and if you cannot see yourself living there for most of the year, you can sublet it out to holiday-goers for additional income.

Due to the relaxing nature of holiday home ownership, many of your potential neighbours will be in their later years and will have dedicated their savings to living this lifestyle. If you have saved throughout your life and are able to purchase a static caravan/holiday lodge outright, then financing the purchase will not have crossed your mind. But for those who want to live this relaxed lifestyle but do not have the liquid capital to purchase a holiday home outright, financing such a dream could prove difficult. Many potential holiday home owners are retired, therefore have no provable income and may have an existing mortgage on their current property which can prevent them from obtaining regular finance.

For those people, taking out an Equity Release plan to fund such a purchase, as well as redeem an existing mortgage to free up more monthly income, has been the choice of many holiday home owners. There would be no requirement to make repayments on the loan until you pass away, move into long-term care or sell your existing home, and you are able to remain in your existing home for your lifetime.

As an example, if you were 65 and lived in a property worth £300,000, you may be able to release £100,000 through an Equity Release scheme secured against your current property, use £30,000 to repay your current mortgage and use the remainder to purchase your dream holiday home. No monthly repayments would be required; therefore, you will also increase your monthly income (because your current mortgage payments would cease) which you can spend on fine dining and learning to kayak!

There are many benefits to taking out an Equity Release over traditional lines of funding, however it is essential that you gain financial advice from a fully qualified financial adviser who is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you would like further information about Equity Release and how it could benefit you, then JNS Financial will put you in touch with local, friendly Equity Release Specialists, who will discuss your needs at a completely free initial appointment with no obligation to proceed.